Having trouble finding your tribe of awesome clients? Those dream peeps that LOVE working with you and recommend you to every Todd and his dog ‘cos they truly believe you are the best of the best at what you do?

Maybe lately you have even been …

  • Working with people who don’t appreciate your epic skills.
  • Struggling to get people to take the leap of faith and book in with you.
  • Unable to get your brand to stand out and connect with …. well anyone.

If that’s the case, then boss lady it’s time we sharpen up your dream client profile.

Why bother? Well, defining a clear dream will allow you to tailor your services, branding and marketing just for them. Which means it’s easy as pie for you to connect with them … because they feel like you’ve been made especially for them!

To your dream client, stumbling upon your business will feel like receiving the perfect gift wrapped in sparkly wrapping paper with a big pink bow: magical. They will be thanking their lucky stars they came across your business and will enjoy every second working with you … oh and will happily pay your prices!

“Jenna, how do I find these magical fairy unicorn clients you are talking about?”

Well first we have to define them.

And I’ve got just the thing …

Introducing my Design Your Dream Client worksheet!

Complete with my signature cut-the-crap style sprinkled throughout, this is a straight to the point, zero-fluff four-part worksheet that allows you to pull together your target market so that you can start building a business that made specifically for them.

“But Jenna I don’t have one type of audience I work with?!”

That’s totally cool but it’s good to get a basic idea of who you want to target (and who you DON’T want to target).

This way you will create a clear point of difference in your branding and really connect with your audience on a more meaningful level. #competitiveadvantage

Pro tip: When choosing who you want to work with, think about who you are extremely passionate about helping. You will need to work with these people every day so you want to be able to easily connect with them and, above all, enjoy working with them.

And remember your target market will change as your business grows, so it’s super important to reflect back on this worksheet every six months to make sure you still feel passionate and aligned with your audience.

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Hi, I am Jen the design boss lady behind Jenna-Rae designs. I help female entrepreneurs become UNSTOPPABLE with fearlessly authentic and kick-ass brands.