The key to fostering trust with your audience

Struggling to convert your dream clients … even though you have fricken amazing services that are the very definition of ‘game changing’?

Lady, it’s not you. It’s not your business. It’s sure as hell not your offerings.

(And I will repeat that as many times as it takes to sink in!)

So, what is it? Simple:

Grown-up stranger danger.

Remember how your parents would warn you about taking candy from strangers? And remind you to always lock your door? And stress that you shouldn’t OPEN the door to anyone you know? And that hopping into a car with somebody you didn’t know was essentially suicide?

(Clearly this was B.U: Before Uber.)

Well, it turns out our parents’ love, care and protection made us super fricken suspicious of strangers.

Then we grew up, ordered what looked like THE perfect dress on the interwebs (it was $9; you still have no clue where it was made) and it turned up on our doorstep looking like a limp curtain.

Which would have been fine if it’d just been a one-time thing. But with the influx of spammers, hackers, haters and players, we’ve slowly but surely learned that Strangers Can’t Be Trusted. ESPECIALLY with our money!

Lemme repeat: Lady, it ain’t you.

It is harder than ever to build a relationship with your audience online.

So, what’s the solution? Pack up shop (and your dreams)?

Helllllll no.

The solution isn’t to give up. The solution is to give your audience a reason not to give up on you!

At the moment, they’re teetering on the edge between trust and mistrust. They WANT to love you. They WANT to throw their money at you. But … they’re just not convinced this isn’t going to be another limp dress situation.

It’s your job to persuade them that you’re the real deal. That you’re trustworthy.

And the way you do that is …


How branding can build trust

Branding is your go-to hero for building a relationship – and trust! – with your audience.

Good branding tells your audience who you are and what you’re all about, plus, when done right, it should intuitively and instinctively connect with your audience and let them know, ‘Hey, you and me? We’re kindred souls. We’re in this together.’

Now, a good brand is made up of a lot of different elements, but in this blog post I want to share two simple steps you can take TODAY to level-up your branding. And, bonus, you’ll foster an aligned brand that promotes trust so that your potential clients are willing and ready to take that leap of faith.

Let’s do it.

Step 1. Be consistent.

Consistency is the key to creating trust with your audience. When you consistently portray yourself in a certain way, your audience starts to feel familiar with you. They always know what they are gonna get from you. This allows them to get to know you and start to create a connection with you.

“Um, Jenna, this sounds amazing. But HOW?!”

Step 2. Nail your visuals.

Why do some brands just feel STRONG … while others are wishy-washy? Easy. Strong brands (and strong visual branding) are consistent with their visual style. They use the exact same fonts/colours/textures and imagery on every visual touch point in their business such as:

  • Website
  • Marketing material (flyers, brochures and business cards, for example)
  • Social media

Every visual aspect connects and makes it feel like a seamless experience. From website to Instagram account, you always know where you are and who you’re with. And when you spot them out and about – say sliding into your Facebook newsfeed – you feel a jolt of happy recognition.

Want to get some extra points? Use similar design layouts throughout your businesses to keep it even more consistent.

“Jen, I’ll be honest, my kid was beating me with a toy/my dog was being cute/something shiny distracted me while I was trying to read this article, so I only half got it. Help?”

Not a worry! Grab my free checklist below and you’ll have quick, simple and easy visual guide for creating a brand that is memorable and consistent.

Gimme the free branding checklist!

Hi, I am Jen the design boss lady behind Jenna-Rae designs. I help female entrepreneurs become UNSTOPPABLE with fearlessly authentic and kick-ass brands.