Ever wondered what separates good branding from bad branding?

And by good branding, I mean branding that …

  • Catches your dream customers eyeballs.
  • Lures your target market in and emotionally connects with them.
  • Makes your business memorable.
  • Cements you as an authority and a force to be reckoned with.

And by bad branding, I mean branding that …

  • Fails to appeal to your target market.
  • Looks unprofessional or/or unattractive.
  • Blends in with a sea of same-same.
  • Is instantly forgettable.

‘Cos when it comes down to it, branding can be the difference between succeeding as an entrepreneur and failing to gain the traction – and conversions – you deserve.

But don’t worry, you have an advantage that other brands don’t … me!

And today I’m going to be sharing four potential mistakes that may impact whether your branding sits on the side of ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Ready? Let’s do it.

1. The ‘me too’ syndrome

Okay, so you’ve seen your competitor killing it online with her epic brand. It seems to effortlessly flow, and people are drawn to her biz like a moth to a flame. So, it’s easy to think that if you could just hop onto that boat and inject some of what she’s doing into your brand then … Nope. Stop there, lady!

Your brand isn’t just about looking pretty (which is why taking bits and pieces from someone else’s visual identity never works), there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes before you even get to the visual stage.

Your business and brand is a one-of-a-kind. NOT a one-size-fits-all.

You have put a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears into your services and products. They deserve a brand that is going to rep the shit out of them! Aka bring in those people who are gonna loooove what you do and pay you to work with them.

So sort out your brand fundamentals first and then work with a graphic designer who can help you pull together your own unique brand that will have your dream clients lining up to work with you!

Not sure where to start?


2. Thinking your visual brand = a logo

Got a logo, got a brand … right? Er … Your visual brand is made up of much more then just your logo. It is the colours, fonts and lifestyle images you use in every visual touch point of your business. This includes any textures or patterns you may use. Your logo must also come in at least two variations to be able to be implemented across all different layouts from website to printed material.

Think of all the larger brands you love and follow. They don’t just rely on their logo alone – their images, fonts, colours and textures pull together a consistent recognisable visual identity.

I would bet even without having their logo on their marketing material they could still be identified because of the consistency of their visual branding.

That’s what you’re aiming for. Not just a logo.

3. All the fonts.

I know, I know … with the abundance of cool fonts available, it can be hard to commit to just one or two. But if you use too many fonts in your visual branding, you’ll actually fail to cultivate a visual brand at all.

See, the idea of a visual brand is that it makes your business instantly recognisable because it is consistent and cohesive. Throw in an extra three or four fonts outside of the ones designed especially for your biz and you don’t have a brand … you have a mess.

Keep your brand fonts simple no more than one to two in your logo and use them consistently throughout your visual identity.  To keep it even more consistent use the same fonts for headers and paragraph text. Create a style guide and note down the font name and size/weight so you can pass this onto anyone who will be working with your brand.

4. Don’t JUST pick colours because they’re your fave.

Selecting a colour palette for your brand and having fave colours are two completely different things. Each colour in your brand does not stand alone; they work together to express your vibe and personality. They evoke emotion in your potential clients, helping them to connect with your business.

This is not to say you cannot use your fave colours, because you know you gotta love your brand too. But it’s important to understand the role colour plays in your visual identity and how you can connect with your audience. This is why it is important to work with a graphic designer who can help pull together a strategic, thoughtful and stunning brand.

‘Cos you + a professional branding pro = magic, babe!

Enjoy and happy branding.

Xx Jen xx

Hi, I am Jen the design boss lady behind Jenna-Rae designs. I help female entrepreneurs become UNSTOPPABLE with fearlessly authentic and kick-ass brands.