You can’t quite pinpoint when you stopped telling yourself, “I can do this” and started telling yourself, “I’m not good enough” … but somewhere along the way, it happened. Hard.

Maybe it was that time you heard that a competitor had won a client you’d desperately wanted (which made you feel like you’d been drop-kicked off the face of the earth).

Maybe it was that night you went on a social stalk-a-thon, scoping out other industry leaders and painfully comparing your business (and your brand) to theirs, like you were both horses for sale at a country fair.

Maybe it was that time a bit of somebody else’s brand snuck into yours … and you felt like a total copy cat (even though it was totally not what you intended to do).

Or maybe it’s simply because you feel no matter what you do, someone’s already done it, and done it better.

Truth time, beautiful: You’re not the only one that feels this way.

Every month, I meet with a new client who tells me the exact same things:

“Jen, I feel like a fraud. Why should people choose me over my awesome competitors? My brand sucks. Do I really know what I’m doing?’Cos I feel like I don’t!”

And every month, I tell them to shake off the bullshit and tune into the truth.

‘Cos feeling like fraud can hit you at any stage of your business. You may be just starting out, or you may be at that stage where you want to level up your business by raising your prices or even smashing out a massive rebrand.

And you start thinking … “Who the hell do I think I am to have these dreams?!”

Now, lady, listen here. I get it. Trust me, I’ve been there, and I will probably be back there one day, but let me take you through a few fun facts that will help you kick your imposter syndrome in the ovaries.

1. Feeling like a fraud is an EMOTION. Not a fact. It’s a fact that sneezes travel out of your mouth at 100 m/ph. Gross, but a fact. Feeling like a fraud is a temporary, fleeting, subjective

2. It’s okay to be vulnerable and confess how you’re feeling. Talk about it! Hire a mentor or if you can’t, chat with friends, family or even business buddies. Talking about it takes away the control your emotions have over you and makes it a lot easier to overcome it.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others. There is nothing about you that is the same as anyone else. You’re a unique, one-of-a-kind. So please stop expecting ident-a-kit success. Create your own levels and goals for your success. Write it down. And run your own damn race.

4. Brag a little. I know it totally goes against what you feel right now, but that’s the point! Start collecting testimonials from your customers/clients and share those babies on social media. Read them. Twice. See, you’re awesome!

5. Own your success. You have gotten to where you are today because of YOU. Say out loud: I OWN MY SUCCESS. Back yourself, baby.

6. Realise nobody knows what they’re doing. Even if they look like they are kicking butt on social media and posting pictures of the thousand parcels they just sent out or the seven-figure goal they just smashed, I can guarantee you at some point they felt like a fraud and wanted to huddle in the corner and hide.

So, remember: You’re not a fraud.

How you feel is just that: Feelings.

And you can CHANGE how you feel! (Thank god.)

Business is not easy, if it were everybody would be doing it. Acknowledge that you are doing a good job. And remember don’t be afraid to be YOU, lady. Because being YOU is the secret sauce to your brand success!

Still feel stuck (and sad af?)

Get in touch and we can work together to kick that imposter syndrome in the ovaries and create a strong brand foundation for some serious business success!

Hi, I am Jen the design boss lady behind Jenna-Rae designs. I help female entrepreneurs become UNSTOPPABLE with fearlessly authentic and kick-ass brands.