The Process

Curious how it would go down if we worked together?

Well, besides being an adventure in awesomeness, here’s what you can expect to happen.

I explode into a million passionate pieces of excitement and wait with bated breath while you peruse my offerings.

If you like my vibe, it’s up to you to get in touch. Assuming the stars are aligned and I’m the right designer for you, we’ll chat, fall head over heels in love with each other, and then I’ll book you in.

I’ll send you an invoice (there’s a 50% deposit required up-front to secure your spot) plus my terms and conditions.

You, being the efficient and incredible boss lady you are, pay my deposit and sign the t&c’s.

2. I welcome you into the Jenna-Rae fold.

The adventure officially begins! I’ll send you a welcome kit with everything you need to know about our journey together.

You’ll get a project schedule as well as design briefs if you’ve booked in for website design. You’ll also receive an inner foundational booklet, which we’ll refer to during our consultation call. Speaking of which ...

3. We talk. On the phone. Like real people.

(Anybody else think their phone is solely for surfing the net and sending messages?)

Okay, now it’s time for me to tie my hair into a top-knot and unleash my inner brand genius.

Together, we’ll connect via Zoom and go through the inner foundational booklet you received earlier, exploring:

Over 90-minutes (the time will fly, promise) we’ll dig deep and I will create a strong platform on which to build your brand.

The pearls of branding wisdom we uncover will reveal the unique strategy and approach I take with your visual identity.

Which is designer speak for: “Let the branding magic begin.”

“But Jen, what if I forget all of the juicy brilliance we discuss in our call?”

You won’t – because the call will be recorded, and you can review it at any time!

4. I give you some homework.

The good kind, don’t worry.

How can homework be good? Well, for starters, my homework includes putting together a Pinterest board for me. Yep. THAT’S how good. You’ll fill your Pinterest board with anything that lights your fire and makes you feel all tingly inside … Well, anything design-related. Chris Hemsworth is best kept for your #mcm board.

Next, you’ll fill out a design brief. This baby will help me pull together your visual style, including your brand colours, fonts and over-arching style.

If you’ve booked in website design and development with me, you’ll receive an additional design brief. I’ll ask you to prepare content for your site and send over any photographs/images you’d like included

5. I start creating.

Now that I have a clear understanding of your foundational brand and visual strategy, I roll my sleeves up and get to work designing.

This process usually takes ten to fifteen business days, but you can refer to the project schedule you received earlier for an estimated delivery date.

Once your design is ready for you, I’ll send over a brand booklet along with three custom logo and brand concepts for you to review.

6. You provide your feedback.

Next, you offer up your feedback and I polish and refine your designs until they shine. Your package comes with three revision rounds complimentary, just to make sure you end up with a design you adore.

7. I complete your visual style with a suite of branded goods.

Now that we have your visual style in place it is time to weave your branding through your social media and marketing collateral to curate a seamless new look.  

8. What about website design and development?

If you have booked in a website design package, we’ll have completed your visual branding elements and will be ready to kick start your new website.

I’ll start by designing your home page and your chosen subpages. Mock-ups will be created for you to review and approve (again, we have three revisions to get this perfect for you) and there will be a little down-time before we move onto development.

Once your website is built, you’ll get a chance to see everything in action and make any final tweaks.

Then I hand over your bouncing baby site.

We’ll have a one-hour Zoom call where I walk you through your new fancy website (recorded, so you can refer to it later). You’ll also receive a website guide that covers the main aspects of your site and acts as your go-to doc for getting started.

Then you’re branded, boss Lady.  

It’s launch time! Time to show the world what you’ve got.