As a graphic designer I spend every day working with amazing boss ladies, helping them cultivate a visual identity that not only are they completely obsessed with … but that connects them with their dream clients too.

But as anybody that’s ever embarked on a rebrand knows, rebranding is a massive deal. It can take anywhere from eight to twelve weeks to complete and while overwhelming can be absolutely amazing when done right.

And by ‘done right’ I mean, when the final result is a heart-led brand that is clear, strong and completely authentic … completely YOU.

When I decided it was time to shake things up here at Jenna-Rae Designs I promised I would share my own re-brand journey including what I did to get a shiny new brand …

… Which, I must admit, could not be more perfect for me right now! I’m in brand love!

So, want to know what went down behind the scenes to take me from where I was to where I am now?

Here’s my inside sneak peek into how I completely rebranded my business.


Looking at my old brand I could see a business woman wanting to come out, wanting to be her true self but was only showing up as jenna like 80% of the time. Shit needed to change.

To get to that point, I needed to own me and not what I thought people wanted to see. I am quirky and passionate and really a bit of a wally (I just love laughing). But I am 110% passionate about helping other business women create heartfelt and fearlessly authentic brands that are unstoppable! I’m an awesome graphic designer, so this needed to shine through.


When I looked over my brand fundamentals, it wasn’t a surprise that I wasn’t connecting with any of it. WHY I was in business had changed because my business had grown and changed paths over the last two years. So I spent the first two to three weeks of my rebrand reviewing my brand strategy, brainstorming and writing out my values and vision before re-tailoring my target market. It was a massive job and probably not the funnest part, but by the end I had crystal clear brand clarity and knew exactly where my business was heading and how I was going to get there.



The next step was to start drafting out and pulling together colours/quotes and anything visual that inspired me and felt very aligned with my brand. This was fun, and I spent a few days doing this. When complete, it was great to look back over it and really see my brand within all the colours, lifestyle images and boss lady quotes I had pulled together.


Now that I had my brand fundamentals in place – and a pretty Pinterest board filled with colours, quotes and inspirational imagery – I got in touch with a brand photographer with a style that I knew would suit my new brand I was pulling together.

The photoshoot was a blast and my new brand/lifestyle photos were exactly what I was after. I did have a happy tears emotional moment when she sent through my collection of brand photos for the first time.

I worked with Dewinta from Dewinta Photography.

My Makeup Artist was Amani from Glamorous Armani Makeup


I was finally at the stage where I could pull together my main visual brand elements such as logo, layouts colours and submarks, as well as collection of lifestyle photos that would suit my brand vibe and align with my current brand shots.


This part made me nervous. I was great at design, it was my thing, so it was really important to find someone who could create copy that would work with my visual brand. I wanted to make hanging out on my website fun and memorable! That’s when I met my magic copy fairy Cass from Wild Spirit Co. She turned my boring snore-worthy pages into fun copy that will give you little giggle here and there. But it clearly portrays what I do and who I love working with. I now work with Cass on all my projects, from Facebook campaigns through to blogs and newsletters.

My Copywriter is Cass from Wild Spirit Co


Now that I was armed with my copy, visual brand and brand shots, I designed out my shiny new website. This was the fun part, weaving everything together and seeing my brand new website come to life.

I worked with an amazing web developer to create some of the trickier parts, such as my boss lady quiz and other front and backend end setups.

Each page was designed out with a goal in mind: To attract my dream clients and let them know who I am and why I do what I do. AND that my services have been tailor-made specifically for THEM #winning. The website side was a lot of work as this is where people came to get to know me, so I needed to put my true authentic self forward.

A lot of time was spent here testing and researching plugins and layouts to make sure my website worked and flowed for an awesome customer experience.

My web developer is Rebecca from Belle Designs


Finally, after putting everything together, it was time to launch. I worked with an amazing social media manager Gemma from Red Sparks Communication and my copywriter, Cass, who helped me pull together an amazing social media campaign.

With a few bumps along the way, the whole project took six months of planning, designing and executing. This time also included the creation of my boss lady quiz, swapping over from Mailchimp to Active Campaign and setting up sales funnels and nurture sequences, as this was all a part of my new rebrand.


Over the last two years I have been working with my mentor Anna Dower who specialises in mentoring graphic designers. I met with her monthly to go over my project and chat about what needs to be done, and also to get an outside perspective. She is the kick in the butt I need when I feel like things are getting to tough and helps me see things from a different perspective.

I have always been a massive believer in working with a mentor – someone who you can check in with every now and then. I chose Anna because she has extensive experience in my industry and is a kick ass mentor to boot; you know she’s been there done that!

If you are looking to rebrand, I would love to be your brand design boss lady (waves hands in the air) but if you are not quite there yet. try starting out with my Mini Brand Journal.

All my packages come with a Brand consultation you can check out what our adventure would be like here.

Jen x

Hi, I am Jen the design boss lady behind Jenna-Rae designs. I help female entrepreneurs become UNSTOPPABLE with fearlessly authentic and kick-ass brands.